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Put a Stop to 

Your Menopause on Stress









The ONLY Gender Specific, Nutritional Supplement


Uniquely Designed Especially for Women

to Improve Sex and Stress Hormone Imbalances,

Especially in Menopausal Women 

Developed by International Stress Expert, Dr. Lena Edwards, AdrenaFem is the only, all natural proprietary formulation that addresses the unique differences in cortisol and stress between men and women. 

The ingredients in AdrenaFem not only improve symptoms of menopause and other female hormone imbalances, they can ALSO help You with:

  • Optimize immune system function = lowering the risk of infection and cancer

  • Promote and preserves brain health = which means better memory, focus, & concentration

  • Improves insulin sensitivity = which improves weight loss

  • Improve mood = without the need for anti-depressants which can ruin your sex life

  • Improve estrogen metabolism = which reduces the risk of breast and uterine cancer

  • Quench free radicals to prevent DNA damage = which prevents disease and premature aging

  • Reduces inflammation = reducing the risk of disease and improving muscle aches and pains

If you want to CONTROL your own emotions and live your life ON YOUR TERMS...

       No more compromises...

             No more wasted time...

                   No more sacrifices...

                         No more fear...

The non-GMO, allergen free, pharmaceutical grade supplement contains a combination of vitamins, minerals, plant phytohormones, and plant based adaptogenic herbs.

AdrenaFem is especially useful in menopausal women since research has shown them to have even more trouble with cortisol and stress. 

… NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION and set an example

for all of your female friends, family members, and co-workers!

Check if AdrenaFEM is the right choice for you.


...And Adrenalogix is Here to Help You!


We are the only nutritional supplement company in the world that is 100% committed to providing women with the customized tools they need to BALANCE their hormones and RESTORE their health and vitality!

But hey, don't listen to those powerful testimonials here


Menopause Can Be Miserable!

The symptoms of menopause are bad enough!  A woman never knows what to wear because her hot flashes are so unpredictable. A decent night's sleep becomes a thing of the past...night sweats, sheets on then sheets off, waking up in a pool of sweat & having to change clothing...NOT so glamorous!

Then there's the mood's like being behind the steering wheel of the car but someone else is driving.  One minute you're happy, the next minute the Hallmark commercial makes you to break down in tears.  You may even secretly worry that you have bipolar disorder because you just never know which of your ten new personalities is going to show up and when.



And there is much more to the story...

Exactly what is stress?  Many people think it's all mental...bills, kids, money, relationships … BUT your

body considers A LOT OF OTHER THINGS stressful, many of which have nothing to do with how "stressed out"

you are..

You May Not Realize That...

Your age, gender, female hormone levels, and underlying health as well as things like the prescription drugs you take and what you eat and drink also affect your stress response.  These things, and a WHOLE BUNCH of other things directly affect IF, WHEN, AND HOW MUCH CORTISOL you will make ALL THE TIME.

It gets even more complicated when you throw other hormones into the mix, like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone...that's because your hormones are a member of a large family, and there are very complicated relationships between your hormonal family members!


So What Does STRESS Have To Do

With Menopause??


Studies have shown that women are not only more sensitive to the effects of stress, they suffer from more stress related symptoms than men, especially during menopause!
Stress is the NUMBER ONE silent killer and is the indirect cause of 60% of all death and disease! In 2017, The Center for Disease Control reported that SEVEN (yes, 7!) people DIE every 2 seconds from stress related health issues (Read the CNN report here), Stress can cause everything from heart disease to cancer to early death simply because of the hormonal chaos and inflammation it creates....

 Explaining the Female Sex & Stress Hormone Connections

Be informed to Stay Healthy!

...and Don't Forget the Insomnia...


Remember the days of sleeping 8 hours without waking up?  Probably NOT!  One minute you are sweating like a professional basketball player playing in the NBA finals, throwing off the covers, and cursing your spouse who's sleeping like a baby.  The fact that you have to change your pajamas at least once every night is also getting old!  Then, just like that, you are freezing to death...covers on, covers off!

Then there's the mood's like being trapped behind the steering wheel of your car but someone else is driving, someone crazy!  One minute you're happy, the next minute the Hallmark commercial makes you to break down in tears.  You may even secretly worry that you have bipolar disorder because you just never know which of your ten new personalities is going to show up and when.

The Bottom Line is...

It's true that stress wreaks havoc on your menopausal brain and body, 


 did you know that menopause is also a

stress on your body??

What More Could You Ask For?

Stop Suffering & Start Living....
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Kelley S.

I am a woman in her late 60's and still work two jobs plus am a part time care giver for my spouse so I would say I own some stress. Dr Edwards introduced me to AdrenaFem almost a year ago.. Read more

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Dana A.

My husband and I have both been using the supplements for just a short while but can already tell a difference. I would say the biggest change for me has been the amount of energy I'm able to retain throughout the entire day, instead of the mid day crash I have become accustomed to. Read more

Eleanor R.

This supplement has made a difference. I felt like I had lost my "edge" just didn't have the energy, clarity I was use to having. I have never been a morning person, but now when I get up I am up. I sleep better, no sluggish afternoons & as a plus, a my husband says he sees a difference Read more