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Gender Specific Stress Supplements 


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Studies have shown that gender dictates baseline and stress related cortisol levels because of how it affects the HPA axis and adrenal glands.
We Are the Future of Customized Stress Management....

Gender Specific Stress Supplements 


AdrenaFem and AdrenaMen are all natural, nutritional supplements uniquely designed to maintain balanced levels of cortisol and the sex hormones, especially during periods of chronic stress.
Experience the benefits
Feeling Energized- Once you balance your hormones to appropriate levels, you will get your energy back. 
Your endurance and stamina will increase, daily.
Less Mood Swings-replace your chaos with calm.
Sleep Better-No more tossing and turning at night.
Control your menopause symptoms and reduce your stress.
If you haven't noticed a difference in 30 days we will gladly refund your money!

Decode your stress level?

Studies have shown that your stress levels can lead to many deleterious consequences leading to various endocrine disorders.


Also, stress leads to change in the clinical course or status of many endocrine conditions.

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Adrenalogix has put this science into practice by developing cutting edge nutritional stress supplements made of adaptogenic herbs and vitamins that target these unique differences between male and female stress.

Gain Back Your Health With Adrenalogix? The results:

More Energy
Better Sleep
Hormone Balance
Weight Loss
Enhanced Libido

Studies have shown that gender dictates baseline and stress related cortisol levels because of how it affects the HPA axis and adrenal glands.

Scientific research has shown that stress is the reason for 85% of all medical visits and causes 60% off all diseases.  But, there is much more to the story of stress than most people realize!


 'Stress' is fairly vague and is used mainly to describe any mental, physical, or emotional strain which causes distress or discomfort.  In reality, the body requires low levels of stress to sustain life. But, the body's definition of stress goes way beyond the confines of person's psychological state.  To the body, anything that disturbs the delicate balance between cells, hormones, and organ systems is a 'stress'


There are many things outside of the body that can make the HPA axis increase or decrease adrenal cortisol production.  But, there are many internal factors that are even more important in determining if, when, and how much cortisol the body makes

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AdrenaFem helped hundreds of women control their menopause symptoms and stress!!! 


Loaded with Adaptogenic Herbs
to fight anxiety
Find out how our supplement can correct any of the root cause of your symptoms with this all organic, natural adaptogenic herbs supplement.
Menopause, perimenopause and PMS
Hormone imbalance without HRT
Memory, focus and concentration
Decrease stamina and endurance
Chronic stress
Sex drive 


Women have higher estrogen levels which can contribute to higher cortisol levels.  In fact, studies have shown that women have higher baseline cortisol levels and higher tress related spikes in cortisol.

Women are more sensitive to stress and experience more stress related symptoms, including fatigue, pain, depression, and weight gain.  These symptoms and many others are even more problematic for women with female hormone imbalancessuch as Premenstrual Tension Syndrome and Menopause, Check out our unique stress supplement formulation.


Men have higher testosterone levels which lowers cortisol levels.  But, cortisol also lowers testosterone. So if a man has chronically high cortisol levels due to stress, his testosterone levels can go down, regardless of his age.  This can also happen even if a man is on testosterone replacement therapy.

Men with testosterone and cortisol imbalances often experience brain fog, low energy, poor sleep, and low sex drive.  These and other symptoms are even more pronounced in men with male hormone imbalances, such as andropause. Check out our unique stress supplement formulation.



OUR PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEE TO BE FREE OF HEAVY METALS, MERCURY & ADULTERANTS: Your safety is our highest priority, testing is performed after critical stages of production to manufacture an effective adaptogenic and vitamin supplement that is FREE of solvent residues, heavy metals and bacterial contamination.

WE GUARANTEE A SUPERIOR POTENCY, LONGER SHELF LIFE & LABEL TRANSPARENCY: Our products are formulated to have an effective delivery for the best results and outcome for you. Extensive shelf-life studies are conduct on each product to ensure that label claims are met throughout the life of the product. Manufacturing quality control units oversees that our label claims are met and testing is conducted on all facets throughout the manufacturing process, including raw materials, mixing, milling, tableting, capsuling, and packaging. Rigorous testing on our raw ingredients and in-process products are only released to the next stage of production upon verification that the ingredients and products have passed all testing requirements. 

REST ASSURED, OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN USA - THIRD PARTY TESTED: At Adrenalogix, we believe you deserve only the best. That is why all of our nutritional supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA according to strict and compliant cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing) Standards. But unlike most brands, we go a step further by working with independent, third-party laboratories to ensure an unbiased substantiation process. These specialized manufacturing facilities, with cutting-edge technology, conduct routine testing on each and every lot of our finished products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure and evaluate the highest standards of safety, purity and potency. The are made in a NSF, GMP, QAI, USDA Organic and Kosher facility. Our product is Gluten Free and Non-GMO certified.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product (stress supplement) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  For nutritional use only.

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